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Executive & Financial Consulting
Business Plans & Strategic Planning
Ag Investment Services
Reviewing and fully understanding all of your financial statements should be an owners or managers top priority.  We can assist in this process.  In addition, we can provide valuable third party advice on ways to reduce expenses, maximize efficiencies and enjoy greater profits.
At Global Ag Solutions LLC, we take pride in providing our clients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We offer a wide variety of services including:
Having plans and goals is critical to the success of your business.  We can help draft and implement an original business plan or new strategic plan for internal and external needs.
We match investor money to growers and farmers needs in a variety of ways.  This can include everything from purchase/sale, lease, lease to buy, majority business partner, minority business partner or any other way to meet your needs.
Loan Application Assistance
In today's environment, it can be extremely difficult to obtain adequate financing from lending institutions, even for profitable and tenured companies.  We can assist with putting together the financial and explanatory documents necessary to put your organization in the best position with the financial credit committee.
Non Conforming Loan Assistance
Unfortunately, there are times when businesses have loans that move into troubled or non conforming status with their lender.  If that happens or is near to happening, we can help your company effectively communicate with the lender in the language and format that they are accustomed to.  This interface is invaluable in the process of gaining the confidence of your lender and bringing your loan and business back into favorable status.