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Super Tree Wash™
Certified Organic & Conventional Products
We take pride in our selection of quality certified organic input products. All of the products we offer are shipped from our distribution warehouse in Washington State.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
We have enhanced the regular Tree Wash product with an additional organic ingredient that discourages bird and land pest activity.
This Organic Plant Food (1-1-17) from the icy waters off the Eastern Canadian coast provides more than 90 elements and 17 critical Amino Acids for growth.
Pure Protein Dry™
This Organic Fish Fertilizer (15-1-1) is made from deep sea cod protein and is seven times more nutritious than normal liquid fish fertilizer.  Orchards, row crops, greenhouses, parks and golf courses are all ideal candidates for extra nutrition through foliar or drip applications.
Tree Wash™
Certified organic input that cleans vegetation and helps remove food sources that bacteria, fungus and pest feed on.